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couple eating cafe food outside with bamboo cutlery set

Staying green whilst eating on the go

During the warmer months, you might find your social calendar filling up quickly, especially if you have a young family and weeks ahead of entertaining the children during school holidays. It may be the occasional day trip to the zoo, or perhaps you enjoy picnics with friends. Either way, deciding

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plastic free shopping bags with produce inside

Easy Swaps to Make Your Food Shop Plastic Free

We’ve put together a few ideas about how to make your food shop plastic free. Look around a supermarket and you’re often faced with a sea of plastic, from broccoli wrapped in plastic, to bananas in plastic bags. It’s not surprising that 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enter the

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A quick guide to Reef Safe Sunscreen

It’s well known that sunscreens are recommended to protect you from skin cancer. But do you know how they work? Here’s a quick overview to help you stay safe in the sun and at the same time protect our oceans by making sure your sunscreen is reef safe. What is

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Our Packaging – How we keep your parcels plastic free

Ever been annoyed because you’ve ordered something eco-friendly and it’s come wrapped in a plastic bag surrounded with plastic bubble wrap? You don’t need to worry about that with Sansaar. We send your parcels plastic free. We recycle packaging sent to us by our suppliers, from cardboard boxes, to the

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test tubes with green liquid

Ingredients to avoid in skincare and make-up products

If you’re new to Sansaar products and wonder what we mean by “SLS Free” or “Paraben Free” we’ve produced this blog to explain why it’s important that our products don’t contain these ingredients. In it we give a summary of some of the ingredients that we avoid in skincare and

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Sansaar products

How we choose our eco-friendly products

At Sansaar we choose our eco-friendly products by assessing them against three criteria: Ingredients Eco-Friendly Ethical 1. Ingredients Safe to use We check every ingredient, in each skincare product, against the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. This database gives ingredients a hazard score in three areas: link

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