Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Carrier



Eco-friendly, ethical and beautiful, these lightweight colourful bags are perfect for carrying your yoga mat. The size is roomy enough to fit most yoga mat sizes.

They’re made from recycled saris, so each one is beautifully unique and eco-friendly.

They’re made by “I was a Sari”, a company that places pre-loved Indian saris at the heart of a new style, and empowers women artisans from Mumbai to become the designers of their own futures.

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Made by “I was a Sari” from upcycled saris / mixed fibres.

  • Height: 82cm
  • Length: 87cm
  • Designed by Laura Guarneri

All “I was a Sari” products are made from upcycling beautiful Indian saris and are handcrafted by underprivileged women in Mumbai. Minor inconsistencies in the fabric can occur. Our customers consider them as a part of the product’s charm.

The colours and patterns in the pictures may vary slightly.