Plastic Free Hair Ties by Kooshoo



The World’s only organic cotton and plastic free hair ties!

Kooshoo plastic free hair ties are made with organic cotton and natural rubber and are ethically and responsibly made.

Why I love these hair ties:

  • Strong band
  • Doesn’t pull or catch odd bits of hair (especially when putting hair up in a half pony tail)
  • Made from natural materials and are biodegradable
  • Fits nicely as a wristband for when your hair isn’t tied up
  • Plastic free packaging which is printed on FSC certified 100% recycled paper
  • Hand dyed using low impact dye and in a solar powered dye house

Materials: 75% Organic Cotton, 25% Natural Rubber.  

To wash: wash with like colours (dark hair ties with dark clothes, light hair ties with light coloured clothes) on a cold wash. Because they are hand dyed, some dye may run in the first wash. Lie flat to dry.