Staying green whilst eating on the go

couple eating cafe food outside with bamboo cutlery set

During the warmer months, you might find your social calendar filling up quickly, especially if you have a young family and weeks ahead of entertaining the children during school holidays. It may be the occasional day trip to the zoo, or perhaps you enjoy picnics with friends.

Either way, deciding on what food to pack will not be your only consideration. There are the containers you need to keep the food fresh, the cutlery you will use and cups for drinking. During these fun occasions, you should still be conscious of your environment, and there are ways you can still enjoy eating al fresco whilst staying green on the go. 

Sansaar have a range of handy products to choose from that are all environmentally friendly and will make packing for your picnic stress-free.

Hygiene whilst eating

Most people carry around some kind of hand sanitiser, especially through these unprecedented times of Covid-19. You can choose a natural and organic spray that is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and doesn’t contain palm oil or any other chemical that could be harmful.

Reusable Travel Cups

Our range of reusable travel cups is perfect for a drink on the go. They are made by using six used paper coffee cups, 40% of which is made from recycled plastic. Each cup is fully insulated so you won’t have to worry about your coffee getting cold before you arrive.

Bamboo Cutlery

Cutlery on the go is something else to think about when packing for your picnic or day out. Pack a set of Bamboo cutlery so you will always have them to hand.

Say goodbye to plastic straws

We are pleased to say plastic straws are becoming a thing of the past. Children love drinking through straws, as it seems to make it more fun and encourages them to stay hydrated. Why not invest in a pack of metal straws? These can be used time and time again and are easy to keep clean in between use.

Packing your lunchbox

Plastic has been problematic for our environment for decades, and only recently have some people started to take the danger more seriously. Plastic can take years to break down. It is very harmful to all wildlife and organisms through toxic pollution. The level of damage can be reduced and hopefully, one day, be stopped altogether. We can help make that happen by changing the choices we make in everyday life.

Sansaar has beautifully designed stainless-steel lunch boxes. One of our most popular is the Elephant Box. With its unique design and 1.8-litre capacity, this is the perfect alternative to a bog-standard, plastic lunch box.

Did you know that some plastics are not suitable for putting in the freezer? The minus temperatures can cause the plastic to deteriorate, allowing nasty chemicals to leak into the food when thawing.

Our stainless-steel Elephant box is ideal and safe for storing food in your cupboards, fridge or freezer, and when you purchase more than one, they can be stacked on top of each other.

Another stainless-steel option is our containers by Black and Blum. They are a 3-in-1, multi-functional lunch box which is perfect for food on the go. They are suitable for cooking dishes in the oven when the lid is off, and are also designed for storing food safely in your freezer.

The lid is made with over-moulded silicone making it leak-proof. It also features a valve, ensuring the content stays safe and secure when travelling. 

They are also perfect for children to use at lunchtime when they are at school. There is a removable divider so you can separate food.

Clear up after eating out

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing people litter! It is always best to plan when eating out. If you are taking in the stunning countryside or sitting on the beach with your children, there might not be bins readily available. You will want to avoid taking home leftover scraps, let’s face it, that can get messy. 

We supply a roll of eco-friendly bin bags that are made with a minimum of 50% recycled plastic.

Each bag is strong, with a capacity of 90 litres, so plenty of room for all your rubbish.

So, we have talked about the importance of staying green whilst eating on the go, but how about staying healthy too? If you need some inspiration and tips on some delicious recipe ideas, follow The Food Medic or Change4Life.

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