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How to put a safety razor together

How to put blades in a safety razor

Steps 1 – 4

Step 1

I love this safety razor for it’s sleek look. The ridged handle gives you a good grip and it is weighted to help with your shave.

Step 2

Put the razor on a flat surface, hold the head firmly and unscrew the handle.

Step 3

Your razor should now be in 2 parts, the head and the handle.

Step 4

Lift the top part off the head and your razor should now be in 3 parts. Handle, and 2 sections of the head. Top and underside. Between the top and the underside sections of the head is where the razor blade lies.

Steps 5 – 8

Step 5

Take your razor blade.

Step 6

And hold it on the short edge, so you don’t cut yourself on the actual razor blade.

Step 7

Place the razor blade onto the top section of the head of the razor.

Step 8

Then place the underside section ontop of the razor blade.

Steps 9-12

Step 9

The head of your razor blade is now complete with the razor inside. 

Step 10

Carefully hold the head of the razor with one hand and with the other screw the handle onto the head.

Step 11

This picture only shows me one handed, because I needed my other hand to take photo’s! But I strongly suggest you use 2 hands, it’s much safer and easier!

Step 12

Et Voila! Your safety razor is ready to go. You can see the razor sitting in the head and the handle firmly screwed on.

How to remove blades from safety razor

Removing the razor blade is just as easy as putting it together. Just reverse the steps and dispose of the razor safely. I use a glass jar and then take them to the recycling centre when the jar is full.

How to use a safety razor

I am one of those incredibly lucky people who doesn’t have hairy legs! I need to isolate this gene and sell it for a fortune!

Because of this, I don’t have any videos on how to shave, I don’t think you really want to see me shave my pits, me in a shower is not a pretty sight.

However, there are loads of videos online which I’d recommend you watch before shaving. I do have some tips though.

Tip 1

Keep the angle of the blade at about 30 degrees to your skin.

Tip 2

Take short and smooth strokes. You don’t need to apply downward pressure, just let the weight of the razor do the work. Applying downward pressure can increase the risk of cutting yourself.

Tip 3

Use some form of shaving soap or foam as a lubricant.

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